Caps, Adapters and Spanner Wrenches

Female to male adapter. Adapter moulded from the same tough, red, polycarbonate material as U.F.S. Nozzles
Sizes available: 1 1/2" female - NPSH (SIPT), 1 1/2" male - NHT
2515 Reducing Adapter
moulded from the same tough, red, polycarbonate material as U.F.S. Nozzles . It is strong, durable and with no scrap value, stays on the job
Sizes available 2 1/2" female inlet: NHT, NY(FD), NY Corp., Chicago(FD), Det.(FD), B.C. and A.M.A. (8 X 3), CSA (5 X 3 1/8")
1 1/2" male outlet: NHT, NPSH (SIPT), NY(FD)
2501 Adjust-A-Plug
Here's an inexpensive protective plug for swivel connections up to 2 1/2" in diameter. It features two adjustable metal plates installed in the back of the plug, that can be easily mated with your local thread. Once adjusted to size, the metal plates are locked in place by a central metal bolt. The plug can be easily removed with a fire department spanner wrench. The plug can be re-installed in place by fire department personnel after shutdown. Supplied in standard red.
2502 Breaker Cap
This special moulded breaker cap is designed for quick release when every second counts. It is engineered to protect 2 1/2" swivel inlets on siamese, standpipe and sprinkler connections. It is locked in place by open eyebolts, which attach to pin lugs on swivel connections only. A sharp blow will fracture the cap and clear the connection for action. Supplied in standard red.

Threaded Caps 1500 - 1 1/2" 2000 - 2" 2500 - 2 1/2" 3000 - 3"
Designed to prevent exposure and damage to male hose threads and prevent entry of debris and foreign matter in areas where theft of expensive brass parts is prevalent. U.F.S. caps are available in sizes to fit 1 1/2", 2”, 2 1/2" and 3" male threads and come standard with sturdy plated attaching chain.
Note: these caps are for use only as described above. Do not pressurize.
Available threads: 1 1/2" NHT and NPSH (SIPT),
2 1/2" - NHT, NY(FD), NY Corp., Chicago (FD), CSA (5 X 3 1/8"), B.C. and A.M.A. (8 X 3), W.C.U., (6 X 3 1/4"), QST (7 X 3 1/32")
3" - NST W.C.U. (6 X 3 1/4")
2500U Universal Hose Cap
No more thread problems! The U.F.S. universal pull cap protects all threads by gripping valve or outlet on the inside of the waterway. It comes complete with sturdy plated attaching chan. Push On - Pull Off.

U.F.S. Spanner Wrenches

Made of high tensile strength, lightweight aluminum
15W - Spanner fits up to 1 1/2" pin or rocker lug couplings. Length 7 3/4"
25WK - Fits up to 4" pin or rocker lug couplings. Includes pry bar, gas shut-off key, and top opening for belt snap ring. Length 11 1/4"
25W - Fits up to 4" pin or rocker lug coupling, comes complete with pry bar. Length 13"
25WH - Same as 25W, plus 1 1/4" square hydrant wrench. Length 15 1/4"
25WHP - Same as 25 WH but with 1 5/8 Pentagon Hydrant Wrench (measured Point to Flat) Length 15 1/4"

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